The "Colored" Girl: Debut

The Colored Girl makes the world aware of the beauty of the black woman in her own skin.

The Colored Girl

The Colored Girl campaign made the world aware of the issue of colorism and the beauty of ALL black women by showing her in her own skin, loving herself and her sisters. The black woman is celebrated by showing the different perspectives, depths and highlighting the regality of the beautiful creatures we truly are. Namely our various skintones and hair choices. Black beauty needs to continue to be represented and celebrated, especially since historically; socially, culturally, and politically it has been exploited and seen as “less than” according to Eurocentric standards. COLORED beauty should be standardized within the mainstream and part of the larger conversation, since most of the world is actually brown, in reality. We are the majority, not the minority!

The "Colored" Girl: Debut
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