LOVE begins now. HEALING begins now. A NEW STORY begins now.

Every woman has a story… one of trials, tribulations and triumphs.

Finding the Queen Within

Every woman has a story… one of trials, tribulations and triumphs. The Journey to The Crown is a stunning multi-media campaign which focuses on seven “QUEENS” as they embark upon the retelling of their life stories of self-discovery by facing harrowing obstacles on the road to power, purpose, inner beauty, and self-love; to become the women they are today. Resilient, driven, compassionate, strong and ambitious, each of these women is more than what meets the eye, and also an inspiration for us all. They represent the reality of hope and determination in the flesh, while the crowns symbolize conquering and reigning over all obstacles, as well as the beauty that stems from taking control of one’s story.

Turning Pain into Passion & Purpose

On our quest to continue curating change, the Journey to the Crown (#JTTC), was created not only to bring awareness to women’s issues, using harrowing real life narratives, but also to promote an immersive event hosted by CLASS Network. The experience was designed to establish a forum for women around the globe, to come together and celebrate their individual journeys to self-love and self-determination and healing, while utilizing these experiences to discover and fuel their own passion. ​​

Journey to the Crown
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Journey to the Crown
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