“Growth is Inevitable”

A metaphoric look at the growth of black woman.

Blossoming Black Women

FULL BLOOM, represents the journeys of women of color as they transition into loving themselves, being confident within their skin and blossoming into the purposeful, amazing women they are meant to be. It also signifies the growth and transition of the founders themselves, both as individuals, and since starting the company together.

Growth is Inevitable

FULL BLOOM is a metaphor for the seeds of empowerment which The Colored Girl have planted. Tith the spoils of their labor, coming to full fruition, and gaining critical acclaim worldwide, their dedicated work; has grown into an unstoppable movement for WOC everywhere. As the movement (and brand) expands, women (of color) everywhere recognize that it is not only their right to be seen, heard, represented, and empowered; but also to thrive within systems that once considered them an afterthought. Like roses through concrete, their growth cannot be stopped nor stunted and deserves to be celebrated.

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Full Bloom


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